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GigE cameras to adopt AIA standard

April 1, 2006 Camera vendors are readying products to support the latest AIA GigE standard.

Talk followed by action

April 1, 2006 Given all the fears and forecasts about what might happen with the introduction of new technology, it sometimes seems that because change occurs so slowly, we are left wondering what all the fuss was about.

Machine Vision China reveals emerging industry

March 30, 2006 MARCH 30--Although it was held in a Soviet-era hall, the China International Machine Vision Exhibition in Shanghai (March 22-24) displayed the potential of a 21st Century industry that is beginning rapid growth in support of a booming economy.

ISRA Vision Systems gets order for print inspection

March 29, 2006 MARCH 29--ISRA Vision Systems (Darmstadt, Germany;, a supplier of industrial image-processing equipment, has received an order for sheet offset printing amounting to 1.45 million euros.

Basler launches cameras at Vision Show East

March 29, 2006 MARCH 29--Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany; will be introducing two new camera families--Basler Scout and Basler Pioneer--at the Vision Show East (May 9--11, Boston, MA).

mvBlueFOX camera is updated

March 29, 2006 Matrix Vision mvBlueFOX-M 38.8 x 34-mm module contains four digital I/Os that can be used for trigger and flash. The hardware real-time controller, implemented in the FPGA, can poll the inputs and control the outputs and image capture in real time. The mvBlueFOX-M module is available with a range of sensors in both monochrome and color versions.

Smarter, faster equipment creates new customers

March 27, 2006 A discussion with Robert Schoenbergerof Agris-Schoen Vision Systems

VSD: What applications or industries does ASVS serve?

Vendors team to speed systems

March 24, 2006 MARCH 24--Previous attempts at offloading algorithms into parallel and programmable hardware architectures have fallen short of the mark due to technical barriers, price, or lack of suitable and easy-to-use design tools. .

Code reader gets bill of health

March 23, 2006 MARCH 23--Absolute Vision Ltd. (Meriden, England; has received an order for its DataMouse Pro 2D code reader from the World Medical Center (Geneva, Switzerland;

Lens cleaning made easy

March 23, 2006 CK100 lens-cleaning kit contains all of the essentials necessary for cleaning all lenses and filters used in industrial machine-vision applications. This special-purpose kit contains a can of residue-free dusting gas, spray bottle with advanced lens cleaner for all lenses, filters and coatings, soft lint-free cloth, lens tissue, and 6-in. cotton-tip swabs for hard-to-reach lens and filter surfaces.

FLIR Systems secures Houston airports

March 22, 2006 MARCH 22--FLIR Systems (North Billerica, MA; has received a contract to provide 14 thermal-imaging cameras to Houston airports.

Nikon contest approaches deadline

March 21, 2006 MARCH 21--The submission deadline of April 28, 2006, for entries in the 32nd Annual Nikon Small World Competition is rapidly approaching.

Cognex serves complaint against barcode patent

March 21, 2006 MARCH 21--Cognex (Natick, MA; has served a complaint against Acacia Research Corporation (Newport Beach, CA; and Veritec Inc. (Golden Valley, MN;

Integrators, camera makers, and end users must work together

March 20, 2006 A discussion with Ross Rawlings of Radix Controls

VSD: How is Radix Controls using machine vision and automated systems?

Basler confident for 2006

March 17, 2006 MARCH 17--After a sluggish 2005, Basler AG (Ahrensburg, Germany; enters 2006 with an optimistic outlook.

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