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Sensors expand IR imaging range

June 1, 2005 Improvement in MCT detectors, camera design, and signal processing enable new long-wavelength IR R&D applications.

CMOS imager speeds missile detection

June 1, 2005 The US Department of Defense has hired Boeing to build a weapon system to intercept incoming ballistic missiles.


June 1, 2005 Smart cameras check diode shapes; Vision-guided robots to package nuclear waste; Vision and SPC check banknotes and MORE

Wilson’s Websites

June 1, 2005 Wilson’s Websites brings you the latest information on what’s new on the web.

Processors merge visible and IR images

June 1, 2005 In many military and scientific image-processing applications, it is necessary to examine several images from different parts of the frequency spectrum.

Fingerscan ID system uses IR technology

June 1, 2005 To date, the high false acceptance and rejection ratios (FARs and FRRs) of many biometric systems, especially those using facial recognition, have rendered them less than useful.


June 1, 2005 Intelligent camera aids barcode reading; LED line lights are longer; Board integrates 64-bit frame grabber and MORE

PPT VISION reports second-quarter FY2005 financial results

May 25, 2005 MAY 25--PPT VISION Inc. (Minneapolis, MN; has announced financial results for the second quarter, ended April 30, 2005.

New camera enclosures from SAP

May 24, 2005 MAY 24--Special Application Products (SAP; East Bergholt, UK; is to market the extensive range of industrial camera enclosures from APG Inc. (Allison Park, PA;

Companies sign comarketing agreement

May 20, 2005 MAY 20--Parker Hannifin (Cleveland, OH; has signed a comarketing agreement with Mercury Computer Systems (Chelmsford, MA;, a provider of high-performance embedded digital and signal image-processing computer systems for sophisticated real-time defense applications.

US imaging equipment and auxiliary products market estimated to reach $10.4 billion by 2009

May 12, 2005 MAY 12--According to a soon-to-be-released updated report from Business Communications Company (Norwalk, CT;, the overall US imaging-equipment and auxiliary-products market is estimated to be $7.9 billion in 2004 and is expected to grow at a 5.7% AAGR reaching $10.4 billion by 2009.

Geodetic Systems to provide V-STARS photogrammetry system to General Dynamics C4 Systems

May 10, 2005 MAY 10--Geodetic Systems Inc. (Melbourne, FL;, a provider of portable 3-D coordinate-measurement systems for industrial measurement, announced that General Dynamics C4 Systems has acquired a V-STARS S8 photogrammetry system for its quality-control operations.

Cognex Corporation acquires DVT

May 10, 2005 MAY 10--Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA; has acquired DVT Corporation, a privately held company based in Duluth, GA.

Machine vision helps judge fruit taste

May 9, 2005 MAY 9--The produce industry is working with the US Agricultural Research Service (ARS)--the US Department of Agriculture chief scientific research agency--to make sure that fruits and vegetables taste as good as they look.

Atmel migrates high-end industrial-camera features

May 4, 2005 MAY 4--Atmel Corporation (Grenoble, France) has introduced a new area-scan CMOS camera family dedicated to industrial machine-vision applications.

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