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Vision tests microshutter arrays

November 1, 2005 Off-the-shelf components inspect MEMS array for infrared imaging in space.

Robotic system assembles antennas

October 31, 2005 Custom vision system guides automated assembly of military's phased-antenna modules.

Nanorobot fabrication makes ultrasmall IR cameras possible

October 28, 2005 OCTOBER 28--Researchers working with the Office of Naval Research have developed a way to build extremely small sensors using nanorobot fabrication.

Analogix Semiconductor and Genesis Microchip demonstrate Displayport interface

October 26, 2005 OCTOBER 26--Analogix Semiconductor (Santa Clara, CA; and Genesis Microchip ( have announced that they successfully demonstrated the DisplayPort interface prototype to the Display Systems Committee of VESA.

Cognex Corporation founders honored by industry trade group

October 26, 2005 OCTOBER 26--The founders of Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA;, Robert J. Shillman, William Silver, and Marilyn Matz, have been presented with the prestigious 2005 SEMI Award for North America by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute.

Zoom lens is small

October 26, 2005 Miniature f/2.8 color zoom lens (type 207) matches the resolution offered by high-quality color CCTV cameras. Measuring 50 x 34 x 31 mm, the high-performance 6- to 18-mm zoom lens is designed for use with single-chip 1/2- and 1/3-in. CCTV cameras in applications including broadcast TV and unmanned vehicles.

QinetiQ's defense technologies used to improve recycling

October 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24--QinetiQ (Farnsborough, UK; has developed a machine that can automatically identify and sort recyclable domestic waste into various packaging groups.

Adaptive optics tracks microstructures

October 24, 2005 In its conventional form, the optical microscope is a trade-off between resolution and field of view. A new optical-microscope design combines a high-speed steering mirror, a custom-designed scanner lens, a MEMS deformable mirror, and additional optics to enlarge the field of view while preserving resolving power and operating at a high image-acquisition rate to capture a mosaic of images.

Micro-Metric acquired by View Engineering

October 21, 2005 OCTOBER 21--View Engineering (Simi Valley, CA; has acquired the assets of Micro-Metric (San Jose, CA), which produces high-magnification, noncontact critical-dimension and coordinate metrology systems used in the semiconductor, data storage, and MEMs industries.

Pan-and-tilt modules are accurate

October 21, 2005 The PTU-D300 is a family of modular computer-controlled pan-and-tilt units designed for fast, accurate positioning of heavy payloads. They provide torque sufficient for payloads up to 70 lb, while maintaining speed, precision, and a very small form factor. The units offer multiple mounting options and a single connection point and are designed for demanding applications that require high duty cycles and long life in harsh all-weather environments.

FLIR Systems announces financial results and a strategic alliance

October 20, 2005 OCTOBER 20--FLIR Systems Inc. (Portland, OR; has announced that revenue for the third quarter, ended September 30, 2005, increased 2% to $113.0 million from $110.8 million in the third quarter of 2004.

Reproducible manufacturing process yields reliable lenses

October 20, 2005 OCTOBER 20--Varioptic SA (Lyon, France;, the company that invented the liquid lens, has announced its new semi-automated pilot production line is up and running.

MIL 8.0 offers new features

October 19, 2005 Software-development toolkit for machine vision, medical imaging, and image analysis, MIL 8.0 is for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The programming library features integration of MIL's string-reader module, an improved camera configuration utility, new multibuffered image-capture mode for reliability and performance, and improved display management.

Tiny endoscopes peer within

October 17, 2005 As part of the European Information Society Technology's project Intracorporeal VideoProbe (IVP), researchers at IMS Chips (Stuttgart, Germany; have developed two prototypes of tiny endoscopes. The first is a wired endoscope called IVP1; the second is a wireless probe called IVP2 that can be taken in the form of a pill. Both prototypes are equipped with optics for illumination, as well as mechanical components for swiveling the image sensor.

Reader sets new performance standard

October 17, 2005 In-Sight 1721 wafer reader tracks semiconductor wafers through the manufacturing process. It offers a slimmer package and twice the speed of its predecessors, yet maintains mounting and functional compatibility with them. Advanced image-formation technology and OCR and 2-D matrix and barcode-recognition algorithms enable the In-Sight 1721 to deliver reliable reading performance on SEMI-standard scribes.

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