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Tyzx and IMA to develop 3-D vision systems for driver assistance

September 19, 2006 SEPTEMBER 19--Tyzx (Menlo Park, CA, USA; announced that video-recording-company I.M.A. (Rottbach, Germany) is using its 3-D vision technology to develop a validation system for driver-assistance components currently under test by automaker BMW Group.

Cedip reports strong growth, new US contract

September 13, 2006 SEPTEMBER 13--Cedip Infrared Systems (Croissy-Beaubourg, France), a supplier of high-performance infrared camera systems, reported consolidated sales of 7.7 M€ for the first six months of 2006.

Epson Robots announces North American robot giveaway

September 6, 2006 SEPTEMBER 5--EPSON Robots (Carson, CA, USA; has announced the North American Robot Giveaway program.

3-D tracking ensures engine integrity

September 1, 2006 In the manufacture of automotive engines, the assembly of pistons is vitally important.

Vision system targets wafer inspection

September 1, 2006 In semiconductor-manufacturing processes, robotic-based systems perform a number of operations, such as transferring wafers between cassettes, carriers, and magazines.

Vision checks drilling on F-22 aircraft

September 1, 2006 Smart camera system helps calibrate high-precision robotic drilling.

Smart cameras look for smarter uses

September 1, 2006 The market is fragmented among processors, available software, and time required to develop a system.

Census transform brings stereo to embedded systems

September 1, 2006 In applications such as tracking people within industrial workspaces, mobile robot navigation, and targeting, 3-D representations of image data must be captured accurately and at high resolution.


September 1, 2006 X-rays find flaws in food; Combined sensors provide security; Embedded PCs enable multiple views and MORE…

Vision+Automation Products

September 1, 2006 Linescan camera works in three modes; LED ringlight is shadow-free; FireWire camera works in ultralow light; Board has PCI Express interface and MORE…

Lens choice makes the difference

September 1, 2006 Choosing the correct machine-vision lens requires an understanding of lens parameters and the application.

Machine vision exposed

September 1, 2006 Machine vision has so embedded itself in the manufacturing process that it may be seamless to the untrained eye, with end results being equally undetectable.

Small IR camera has 25-µm pitch

August 28, 2006 The MIRICLE 307K incorporates a high-resolution, uncooled microbolometer and measures 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in. Its 640 × 480, 307,200-pixel detector with 25-μm pitch extends the scope, range, and applications in the security and surveillance markets. The camera is available in a choice of housings, including hermetically sealed, gas purged, and ruggedized for unattended field or aerial use.

Webcast to focus on choosing a lens for machine vision

August 24, 2006 AUGUST 24--Lenses: Focusing on Fact & Fiction, a Webcast to be broadcast at 11AM EDT-US on August 29 by Vision Systems Design (Nashua, NH, USA;, will address the challenges of choosing the correct lens.

Module is powerful

August 24, 2006 AV339 is a plug-in module for use with the AV114, AV310, and AV310Q carriers. The image-processing engine is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 video DSP. It is software-compatible with C64x using Code Composer Studio. The DM642 runs up to a clock rate of 720 MHz. It features a two-level cache-based architecture. The DM642 can perform four 16 × 16 multiplies or eight 8 × 8 multiplies per clock cycle.

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