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Piezoelectric positioners place products precisely

July 1, 2006 Novel drives allow semiconductor-related positioning systems to be developed with very high accuracy and repeatability.

UV imaging opens new applications

July 1, 2006 Reflected-ultraviolet imaging is being enabled by advances in ultraviolet LEDs, laser sources, CCD cameras, and lenses.

Reprogrammable readouts create IR systems

July 1, 2006 In machine vision security-and-defense applications, providing region-of-interest (ROI) processing within a single image provides numerous benefits.

Smart vision board checks backplane pins

July 1, 2006 Embedding a vision system onto a circuit board allows the integrity of backplane pins to be closely monitored.

These dark satanic mills

July 1, 2006 The legacies of the Industrial Revolution haunt some cities, but the intellectual fight for the future goes on.

Video endoscope gives true color

June 30, 2006 Video Lightscope, a robust CCD, uses a high-resolution CCD sensor coupled with high-quality optics to ensure distortion-free high-resolution viewing with true color reproduction. In combination with other video devices, endoscopic images can be easily stored, processed, and displayed.

Dichroic filters are for LED applications

June 28, 2006 LED ColorDichroic filters efficiently reflect and transmit random polarized light from individual high-brightness LED sources. Applications range from projection-display illumination optics to use in solid-state lighting and instrumentation. The spectral separation between highly transmissive and highly reflective wavelength ranges is reduced compared to typical spectral characteristics of standard dichroic filters/mirrors for random polarized light.

Edmund Optics gets ISO 9001 certification for Singapore Division

June 23, 2006 JUNE 23--Edmund Optics (Barrington, NJ; Singapore manufacturing facility recently attained ISO 9001:2000 certification.

ESA selects Sofradir to design a detector for its mission to Mercury

June 22, 2006 JUNE 22--Sofradir (Grenoble, France; been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a near-IR detector for the Visible Infrared Imaging spectrometer, a measurement instrument that will be used in BepiColombo, the ESA's space mission to Mercury.

Microsoft Robotics Studio supports robotics innovation

June 21, 2006 JUNE 21--At the recent RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition 2006, Microsoft Corp. showcased the community technology preview of a new Windows-based environment for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to create robotic applications.

Celoxica and GiDEL sign agreement to speed embedded imaging

June 20, 2006 JUNE 20--Celoxica (Oxfordshire, UK; has announced a partnership with reconfigurable computing specialist GiDEL to reduce design time for high-end image-processing, broadcast, and machine-vision applications.

DALSA delivers largest CCD sensor to US Naval Observatory

June 20, 2006 JUNE 20--DALSA Semiconductor, a division of DALSA Corporation (Waterloo, ON, Canada;, has successfully fabricated and delivered reportedly the world's highest-resolution image sensor chip to its customer Semiconductor Technology Associates (STA; San Juan Capistrano, CA;

Brain controls color perception

June 19, 2006 In the first imaging of living human retinas, researchers at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, USA; have found that the number of color-sensitive cones in the human retina differs dramatically among people-by up to 40 times-yet people appear to perceive colors the same way. The findings suggest that the perception of color is controlled much more by brains than by eyes.

Cognex completes $100 million stock-repurchase program

June 13, 2006 JUNE 13--Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA) has recently completed the repurchase of $100 million of its common stock under a plan approved by its board of directors on December 12, 2000.

Vitronic opens new production plant

June 13, 2006 JUNE 13--Vitronic (Wiesbaden, Germany; held the official ground-breaking ceremony for a new industrial-automation tasks production plant and an expansion of the administration and development building in Wiesbaden on 12 June.

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