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Machine vision in China faces tough customers and growing opportunities

September 1, 2005 A discussion with Ding Shaohua of Second2None Machine Vision Systems

System checks headlight assemblies

September 1, 2005 Off-the-shelf vision components and software combine with NIR LED lighting to inspect plastic automotive parts.

Sophisticated software analyzes IR data

September 1, 2005 Infrared camera vendors are adding value by offering image-processing software that rapidly acquires, calibrates, processes, and analyzes IR images.

Wilson’s Websites

September 1, 2005 Wilson’s Websites brings you the latest information on what’s new on the web.

UV optics increase resolution

September 1, 2005 The rapid decrease in feature sizes on semiconductor wafers, data-storage devices, and other microelectronic components has created a need to extend the resolution limit for optical inspection.

Modular shutter designs ease camera upgrades

September 1, 2005 In microscopy, astronomy, and many medical-imaging applications, very-high-resolution images must be acquired, mandating the use of full-frame-transfer-based cameras.

Vision-based SPC controls tube quality

September 1, 2005 Real-time statistical process control ensures pharmaceutical-packaging integrity.


September 1, 2005 Vision peels apple skins; Wood knots unraveled by vision; 3-D system inspects seams; and MORE…

Vision + Automation Products

September 1, 2005 Servo amplifier uses FireWire; MIL 8.0 offers new features; Sensor stores images on-board; Three-CCD cameras fit in small space; and MORE…

Smart components add functionality

September 1, 2005 By incorporating smart controllers into lenses, autofocus and aperture can be electronically controlled.

Vision inspects tile separators

September 1, 2005 Single-camera and light-source system inspects fuel-cell asbestos tiles to ensure they are free of pinholes.

Imaging system enhances skin-cancer detection

September 1, 2005 Founded in 1999, Biocam (Regensburg, Germany; introduced its first system for early skin-cancer detection in 2002.

Increased focus on R&D key to growth in microscopy sector

August 31, 2005 AUGUST 31--Recent technological breakthroughs are likely to impact the microscopy industry positively. This upswing will grow further following large-scale digitalization and growth in related fields such as image reconstruction and restoration, according to researchers at Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company (

Redlake chosen as exclusive camera provider for GM

August 17, 2005 AUGUST 17--Redlake MASD (San Diego, CA;, a provider of high-speed and high-resolution cameras, has entered into an agreement with General Motors Corporation to be the exclusive provider of high-speed cameras for vehicle crash, sled, and impact testing.

NASA chooses e2v CCDs for new Mars probe

August 16, 2005 AUGUST 16--Image sensors from e2v technologies (Elmsford, NY; will capture images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment telescopic camera, looking in particular for clues on the planet's water and ice history.

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