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Trends in CMOS and CCD image sensors

April 1, 2007 Developments in both CCD and CMOS imagers are opening new applications.

IR cameras tackle PCB inspection applications

April 1, 2007 IR cameras are finding applications in PCB analysis to detect shots and thermal anomalies.

Fiber-based profilometers inspect hard-to-reach surfaces

April 1, 2007 High-speed, low-coherence interferometry is a high-resolution three-dimensional (3-D) imaging technology with a range of nondestructive surface-inspection applications, such as dimensional measurements and surface mapping.


April 1, 2007 Computer model mimics brain; Vision keeps humans out of the robot zone

Vision system assists camera-module alignment

April 1, 2007 Advancements in image sensors drive the need for automated alignment of consumer camera modules.

ITT fined up to $100M for illegal night-vision exports

March 30, 2007 MARCH 30--Company agrees to pay $50 million fine and invest $50 million in night-vision technology.

Wavelets compress images at high-resolution

March 29, 2007 MARCH 29--As electronic storage, retrieval, and distribution of documents becomes faster and cheaper, documents and papers are becoming increasingly digital.

IR imaging tests fatigue in engine turbine blades

March 29, 2007 MARCH 29--Snecma (Villaroche, France), a Safran Group company that designs, develops, and produces engines for civil and military aircraft, launch vehicles, and satellites, is using a Silver 450M thermal IR camera from Cedip Infrared Systems (Croissy-Beaubourg, France; ) to help its engineers improve the design of its aero-engines.

LED systems are interchangeable

March 29, 2007 Series of interchangeable high-intensity LEDs now includes analog and digital modes in addition to systems with continuously variable output by manual adjustment. Configurations include optics for applications in fluorescence imaging, microscope imaging, high-speed imaging, and photosynthesis research. In the analog mode, the optical output follows the input signal with a user-selectable format, full optical power as much as 400 mW, and speed of 500 kHz.

Fairchild Imaging teams with Supertex for enhanced CCD fabrication

March 28, 2007 MARCH 28--Fairchild Imaging (Milpitas, CA, USA;, a developer of CCD and CMOS image sensors and cameras, has entered into a strategic teaming relationship with Supertex, a publicly held mixed-signal semiconductor manufacturer (, for custom foundry services.

SVSi and BFi OPTiLAS enter into a European distribution agreement

March 28, 2007 MARCH 28--Southern Vision Systems (SVSi; Madison, AL, USA;, a manufacturer of high-speed digital cameras for slow-motion digital video analysis, and BFi OPTiLAS International (Evry, France; have entered into a European agreement in which BFi OPTiLAS will market the Southern Vision Systems range of high-speed systems in Europe.

Hyperlens may enable nanoscale optical imaging

March 26, 2007 Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, USA; have developed a "hyperlens" that brings them one major step closer to the goal of nanoscale optical imaging.

R&D critical for machine-vision and x-ray inspection equipment market

March 23, 2007 MARCH 23--A new analysis report by Frost & Sullivan (Palo Alto, CA, USA; reveals that the vision-inspection-equipment market earned revenues of $2.32 billion in 2006.

Framing camera speeds image capture

March 23, 2007 Framing camera speeds image capture Multiple framing camera is for material studies, automotive, aerospace, and high-voltage electrical-discharge research. It was designed to extend the analytical gathering capacity of high-speed data from ultrafast events. It eliminates effects such as parallax and shading, and the >50-lp/mm spatial resolution is the same frame to frame and in both axes.

RedShift and Imagize announce IR fusion partnership

March 21, 2007 MARCH 21--RedShift Systems (Burlington, MA, USA;, a developer of optical thermal-imaging solutions, and Imagize (, a Berkeley, CA, USA-based provider of fusion system-on-a-chip technology, will collaborate to design and build affordable IR fusion camera solutions for security and other markets.

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