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Laser supports machine vision

September 22, 2005 The Lyte-MV machine-vision laser is available with a uniform (non-Gaussian) line with powers up to 50 mW in the red and 100 mW in the IR. Its electronics allow for both continuouswave and pulsed/modulated operation. Via a control lead power can be linearly attenuated to any level from zero to maximum. The internal lens optics provide thin lines and large depth of fields.

Riderless motorcycle guided by vision sensors

September 20, 2005 SEPTEMBER 20--A riderless motorcycle, developed by a team of electrical-engineering graduate students from the University of California at Berkeley, will be guided by Cognex (Natick, MA) In-Sight vision sensors.

Drive for robot autonomy key trend in global emerging robotics technology

September 19, 2005 SEPTEMBER 19--Researchers are directing their efforts toward incorporating greater autonomy to enable robots to make more coherent decisions independently. Besides being incapable of survival in an outdoor environment, robots cannot make decisions out of the matrix of choices available in their internal programs.

JAI PULNiX moves to new facility

September 19, 2005 SEPTEMBER 19--JAI PULNiX Inc., a subsidiary of JAI A·S of Copenhagen, Denmark, has moved to a new facility in San Jose, CA.

Vision ensures better writing implements

September 16, 2005 BIC NZ, a subsidiary of the BIC Group (Paris, France;, produces pens in New Zealand but also exports to Mexico, Chile, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Its felt-tip-pen assembly machine, customized in-house by BIC NZ, produces about 15 million pens per year.

Machine vision helps search for contaminants in wheat

September 15, 2005 SEPTEMBER 14--A new computer program devised by British physicists can quickly spot tiny beetles, rodent droppings, and ergot (a poisonous mold) in grain destined for flour and bread manufacture.

Potential for enhanced efficiencies promote uptake of automation and control solutions by food-and-beverage manufacturers

September 14, 2005 SEPTEMBER 14--A combination of technological innovation, legislation, as well as sprawling production facilities and complex supply chains requiring improved efficiencies are stimulating investments in automation and control solutions.

Automation Platform simplifies machine vision and motion control

September 12, 2005 SEPTEMBER 12--By combining all of the major machine- and motion-control functions into a single, software-based solution that runs on a standard PC and by providing an open architecture for specialized 'bolt-on' modules, the A3200 Automation Platform from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA; offers a choice of programming options for 32 axes of decentralized motion.

Stretch introduces Video Development Platform based on S5500 software-configurable processor

September 12, 2005 SEPTEMBER 12--Stretch Inc. (Mountain View, CA;, a developer of software-configurable processor devices, has announced the S55VDP Video Development Platform based on Stretch S5500 software-configurable processor.

Integral Technologies and CoVi Technologies introduce high-definition video recording over analog

September 9, 2005 SEPTEMBER 9--Integral Technologies (Indianapolis, IN) and CoVi Technologies (Austin, TX) have announced a strategic development and marketing agreement naming Integral as the exclusive provider of high-definition video surveillance solutions using CoVi's high-definition-over-analog image-processing technologies.

Finisar to recognize gain on sale of interest in Sensors Unlimited

September 9, 2005 SEPTEMBER 9--Finisar (Sunnyvale, CA; will recognize a gain of approximately $12 million on the sale of its minority interest in Sensors Unlimited (Princeton, NJ;

Kontron reorganizes facility in northern California

September 8, 2005 SEPTEMBER 8--Kontron America (Poway, CA;, a leader in embedded computing technology and mobile rugged solutions, has announced that it has renamed its facility in Fremont, CA, to be officially known as Kontron America, Silicon Valley.

Sensors Unlimited agrees to merge with Goodrich Corp.

September 7, 2005 SEPTEMBER 7--Sensors Unlimited (Princeton, NJ) has accepted the $60 million cash offer to merge with Goodrich Corporation.

Goodrich to acquire Sensors Unlimited

September 7, 2005 SEPTEMBER 7--Goodrich Corporation (Charlotte, NC) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sensors Unlimited Inc.

Space Agency to speak about using thermography in Shuttle applications

September 2, 2005 SEPTEMBER 2--FLIR Systems (Boston, MA) has announced that NASA (Washington, DC; will present a paper at the annual InfraMation Conference in Las Vegas, NV, October 17-21, 2005.

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