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Ulvac introduces microscopes with integrated heating system

December 19, 2005 DECEMBER 19--Ulvac Technologies (Methuen, MA), a supplier of vacuum components, process equipment, and instrumentation, has introduced the MS-E1S microscope.

Exacq Technologies introduces new products

December 15, 2005 DECEMBER 15--Exacq Technologies (Indianapolis, IN) has introduced a new generation of MPEG-4 CCTV DVR boards designed to create higher-performance, lower-cost, and smaller footprint CCTV DVRs.

KUKA partners with SEIS to expand in western USA

December 14, 2005 DECEMBER 15--KUKA Robotics Corporation (Clinton Township, MI;, a manufacturer of industrial robots, has signed SEIS Group (Huntington Beach, CA; as its newest system partner.

Image sensor is robust

December 14, 2005 With high dynamic range, high speed, antiblooming, and low noise, the FTF2020M CCD image sensor is for medical applications and industrial (x-ray) applications. The 4-Mpixel sensor can read a progressively scanned image at 8.5 frames/s.

DualVision remote monitoring system enhances fire detection and security

December 13, 2005 DECEMBER 13--A remote, historic copper-mining center on UNESCO's list of priceless world historical sites has implemented remote monitoring technology, the Mikron Infrared DualVision system, for 24-hour surveillance and early detection of fire in 17th century wooden buildings.

Vision and control team to make saws safer

December 12, 2005 Anyone who has operated a table saw has done so with some trepidation. Operators using hand-fed saws are particularly vulnerable since after adjusting the height and angle of the blade, the operator manually pushes the stock into the blade. If the operator's hands slip while feeding the stock into the saw, or if the operator holds his/her hands too close to the blades, injuries can occur.

Vision tests microshutter arrays

December 12, 2005 Off-the-shelf components inspect MEMS array for infrared imaging in space.

Small sensor is efficient

December 6, 2005 The BS30 vision sensor is 30 x 35 x 36-mm in size, monochrome output, and offers image frequency of 300 images/s. Image recording can be synchronized to the production sequence by means of a trigger input. Other features include 18 to 30 V, working distance of 100 to 200 mm, response time of 3.33 ms, temperature range from 0°C to 50°C, and RS-232 interface.

Eutecus receives multiple government grants

December 1, 2005 DECEMBER 1--Eutecus (Berkeley, CA, and Austin, TX; has been awarded two Phase II STTR grants from agencies of the United States government.

Image stitching enhances part inspection

December 1, 2005 In the manufacture of electronic connectors for the automotive industry, multiple metal pins are fused into plastic housings using many production steps.


December 1, 2005 Recyclable material finds new ally; Vision detects bottle-crowning faults; Vision guides fluid dispensing and MORE…

Robots and vision inspect pharmaceutical vials

December 1, 2005 Custom design combines with off-the-shelf components to detect tiny particles.

Vision + Automation Products

December 1, 2005 Lynx cameras are Ethernet-ready; Vision sensor has new software; Image sensor is cost-effective; Fast IR camera is for R&D and MORE…

X-ray system uses off-the-shelf components

December 1, 2005 In traditional angiography, images of blood vessels are acquired by exposing the patient to time-controlled x-ray energy while injecting contrast medium into the blood vessels.

Lighting design enables vision systems

December 1, 2005 Choosing the correct type of lighting is of prime importance when developing machine-vision applications.

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