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Camera platform is flexible

May 17, 2007 Remote-Eye custom camera platform can be coupled with any CCD or CMOS area or linescan image sensor. The platform has a Linux CPU along with 10/100 Ethernet, on-board JPEG compression, NTSC composite, and S-Video. In addition, there is an on-board FPGA (up to 4M gates) and the company's image pipeline. Applications include security & surveillance, traffic enforcement, machine vision, automated assembly, metrology, and industrial barcodes.

QinetiQ and AWM to stimulate development of advanced sensors

May 15, 2007 MAY 15, 2007--A new multimillion investment fund will be available to businesses beginning in June to stimulate the technical development of advanced sensors.

Sofradir wins multimillion-dollar contract from Raytheon

May 15, 2007 MAY 15, 2007--Sofradir (Veurey-Voroize, France) has been awarded a multimillion contract to supply second-generation mercury cadmium telluride Dewar detector cooler assemblies for a US Army program.

Canon Communications buys IPOT imaging show

May 10, 2007 MAY 10, 2007--Trident Exhibitions Limited (Tavistock, Devon, UK) has announced the sale of its four manufacturing and technology exhibitions to Canon Communications of Los Angeles, CA, USA.

European surveillance-equipment market thrives with IP video

May 9, 2007 MAY 9--A new study from Frost & Sullivan finds that the European CCTV and video-surveillance-equipment market earned revenues of $1.42 billion in 2005 and estimates this to reach $1.94 billion in 2012.

Image Sensing Systems uses DaVinci technology for traffic control

May 9, 2007 MAY 9--Image Sensing Systems (St. Paul, MN, USA) and partner Econolite Control Products have introduced Autoscope Terra products, video detection solutions that leverage Texas Instruments DaVinci technology.

Plant refurbishment drives automation growth in Eastern Europe

May 3, 2007 MAY 3--The automation and control solutions market in Eastern Europe is expected to witness strong growth, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.

Lenses benefit megapixel cameras

May 2, 2007 Company's 1-in. lenses are for applications where the ability to monitor and identify the smallest detail is application-critical. HC Megapixel Series lenses are compact and offer both focus and iris locks. Incorporating a floating mechanism system along with a 1-in. format, these lenses have low distortion, excellent corner brightness, and outstanding light transmission.

Neptec and Terrapoint jointly develop real-time imaging technology

May 1, 2007 MAY 1--Neptec Design Group (Ottawa, ON, Canada) has announced its partnership with Terrapoint Canada (Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Vision + Automation Products

May 1, 2007 Compact vision sensor is industrial; Dragonfly camera family expands; Megapixel camera series is versatile; Reader decodes everything; AND MORE…

Disparity maps give robots depth perception

May 1, 2007 One of the most important problems facing developers of robotic-based vision systems is depth perception or the ability to judge an object’s distance from a camera system.

Lens considerations change for large-format cameras

May 1, 2007 While advances in sensor technology have opened new applications for machine vision, the ability of a lens to interface with these sensors has lagged behind.

CCD cameras embed imaging algorithms

May 1, 2007 To increase performance, camera vendors are embedding image-processing and machine-vision algorithms within their cameras.

Understanding mathematical morphology

May 1, 2007 Originally developed in 1967 by Georges Matheron and Jean Serra at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, mathematical morphology is based on mathematical concepts from set theory and uses a number of operators that are useful for edge detection, noise removal, image enhancement, and image segmentation.

Consumer ICs improve GigE-camera performance

May 1, 2007 Semiconductor vendors, intent on producing low-cost, high-performance ASICs for volume applications, have over the years produced highly integrated devices designed primarily for broadcast television and digital photography.

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