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X-Ray Imaging

X-Ray Imaging news and technical articles from Vision Systems Design magazine. Search X-Ray Imaging latest and archived news and articles

  1. Image sensor market predicted to reach $10.75 billion by 2018

    Online Articles

    Mon, 5 Aug 2013

    A market analysis report from MarketsandMarkets predicts that sales for image sensors—including CCD, CMOS, hybrid, and charge injection device sensors—are expected to reach $10.75 billion by 2018 as a result of emerging applications in medical imaging, point-of-view cameras, unmanned aerial vehicle

  2. Remote X-ray camera enables radiation imaging and inspection

    Online Articles

    Mon, 22 Jul 2013

    The remote RadEye HR from Teledyne DALSA is a compact x-ray camera with a CMOS-based industrial X-ray sensor with more than 2 million pixels in an active area measuring 33x25mm with pixel spacing of 20μm.

  1. New software module from GOEPEL facilitates X-ray image evaluation

    Online Articles

    Wed, 15 May 2013

    A component of the new x-ray inspection software XI-Pilot V 3.1 is a module that allows for an easier evaluation of x-ray images.

  2. 3D imaging shows that bats take flight using recycled energy

    Online Articles

    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    Researchers from Brown University used an innovative 3D imaging technology to visualize the rapid internal skeletal movement of short tailed fruitbats, which shows that the bats are able to take flight using recycled energy.

  3. Industrial machine vision systems sort and grade seafood with X-ray imaging

    Online Articles

    Thu, 4 Jul 2013

    Industrial machine vision systems from Lizotte sort and gradeseafood products by color, size, shape, visible defects, and internal defect. Solutions such as these provide valuable industrial automation solutions for the food industry.  

  4. Digital x-ray camera enables delivery of low-dose X-ray images

    Online Articles

    Thu, 13 Jun 2013

    Teledyne DALSA’s new Shad-o-Box HS X-ray detectors feature active areas of 10.4 by 6.9 cm (768 x 512 pixels) and 10.4 x 13.9 cm (768 x 1024 pixels), respectively.

  5. Imaging software reduces radiation exposure from CT scans

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Jul 2013

    By pairing newly-developed imaging software with existing CT scanners, physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center were able to reduce the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to by 37%.

  6. Image processing software increases the visibility of catheters

    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Aug 2013

    Agfa HealthCare’s has developed an image processing software called MUSICA2 that increases the visibility of catheters and other low contrast, tube-like structures in digital radiology.

  7. Caltech engineers enable ordinary microscope to capture 100X more information per image

    Online Articles

    Fri, 2 Aug 2013

    A team of engineers from the California Institute of Technology have developed an imaging system using software and a $200 LED array that will enable conventional microscopes to take much higher-resolution images.

  8. DSI expands family of optical thin film coatings

    Online Articles

    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    DSI has expanded its family of optical thin film coatings by including antireflection (AR) coatings, hot and cold mirrors, front-surface mirrors, and IR coatings for commercial and industrial applications.