Understanding applications and methods of 3D imaging

October 7, 2015

Applications of 3D imaging are extensive and include single and multi-camera methods, structured light systems and those based on the time of flight principle. While single camera methods attempt to either fit known object models to the captured image or try to employ a moving camera or moving focal plane, multi-camera methods attempt to triangulate between camera views. Using a camera and a projector, structured light methods triangulate views to build 3D models while time of flight systems measure the time it takes light to travel from the sensor head, onto target objects, and back.

In this webcast you will learn about these different methods, in terms of both hardware and software, and which is most appropriate for a given machine vision or image processing application.


Choosing the right camera for your machine vision system

September 9, 2015

In this presentation, Andy Bodkin (Bodkin Design & Engineering) will explain camera and optics specifications, and why this understanding is key for choosing a camera for your machine vision applications. He will discuss resolution, pixel count, and field of view (FOV), among other specs--and describe the types of cameras currently available. He will explain how such specifications impact system performance for producing images that can be analyzed by machine vision software. In addition, Bodkin will touch on how choosing the correct lens can effect system performance. You will come away knowing what factors to consider in choosing a machine vision camera for your application, and how to weigh these specific parameters. Bring your camera-selection questions so you can take advantage of Bodkins' knowledge.


On Demand

How the newest machine vision standards will affect you

July 15, 2015

How will the latest developments in machine vision standards affect you? This webcast will answer that question by featuring updates on relevant standards by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable specialists. Bob McCurrach, Director of Standards Development for AIA, will begin by explaining the global standards framework and the current status of global vision standards. Then, chairs for the various committees will delve into the latest details of their specific standards.

You will learn not only the latest developments and their impact, but also how to ensure that your views are represented in standards development. Further, you'll have opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts, as the webcast will conclude with audience Q&A.

This event sponsored by Point Grey.


How vision systems are changing automotive manufacturing

June 24, 2015

How do Ford and General Motors leverage machine vision for powertrain manufacturing? How does traditional vision application development serve today’s needs, and what machine vision capabilities could improve operations? Join Vision Systems Design Editor-in-Chief Andy Wilson and find out—during a live interview with Frank Maslar of Ford's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group and Steve Jones of GM Powertrain Machine Vision Systems.

Join us for this webcast sponsored by Baumer Optronic GmbH., Cognex Corporation, Point Grey, and Teledyne DALSA.


High-speed imaging and the future of vision systems

May 28, 2015

What technologies are advancing high-speed imaging? What markets and applications are affected, and what can potential purchasers expect? In this live, interview-style webcast, Vision System Design editor Andy Wilson asks high-speed camera industry expert strategist Peter Carellas, President of Xcitex Inc. about future directions in business, technology, markets, and applications. You’ll come away with an appreciation for the specifications of high-speed cameras, gain some buying insights, and understand how consumer companies such as Apple and GoPro are changing the technology and usage landscape. Bring your own questions, and find out how high-speed cameras will affect scientists, engineers and managers in the future!

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Cognex, Photron, and Teledyne DALSA.