Performing effective 2D and 3D pattern matching in machine vision applications

October 30, 2014

This webcast, sponsored by MVTec, will explain how pattern matching works and in what applications is being used.


Why 3D imaging is important in robotics applications

October 14, 2014

With a focus on the use of 3D imaging in industrial automation and robotics, this webcast will begin by explaining exactly what 3D imaging encompasses and why the technique is important for industrial applications. Imaging expert Clay Flannigan will review the various approaches to 3D sensing, and look at the commercial products offered to implement those methods. And, he will survey the software and techniques available for analyzing 3D data sets. The webcast will include plenty of real-world application examples to illustrate points throughout, and it will conclude with a Q&A session so attendees can get help with their particular issues.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Point Grey, Cognex, ProPhotonix Ltd., and Z-Laser America Inc.


On Demand

Tips and techniques for improving OCR/OCV

September 16, 2014

Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) technologies offer many advantages in automation applications. They also involve some inherent challenges, which this webcast will help you to overcome. Expert speaker Michal Goc will compare on-label and direct-part marking, and describe ways in which you can improve the odds of a successful read. He will discuss illumination techniques for printed labels, dot pin characters, and laser marked characters. In addition, he will cover the preprocessing of images for better readability, and explain the use of software tools and techniques.


Making accurate measurements with machine vision software

September 4, 2014

In this webcast viewers will learn how to use machine vision to solve metrology tasks in factory automation and offline inspection applications. We will show how to choose the proper calibration and image processing techniques in order to obtain accurate results. Please join us for this webcast, sponsored by MVTec.


Choosing components for intelligent transportation systems

July 22, 2014

Intelligent transportation systems depend on the interoperation of sophisticated OEM components. This expert webcast will provide guidance on how to choose such components—including illumination systems, cameras, interfaces, and software—for high-performance vehicle inspection and tracking applications.  Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Cognex Corporation, Point Grey, Teledyne DALSA, and Pleora Technologies.