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Vision technologies for robotics: Application do’s and don’ts

December 9, 2014

This webcast will offer tips and examples for integration of machine vision systems in robotics applications. Expert Jeff Boeve of JR Automation will explain how to clearly define your pass/fail criteria before designing the system, to ensure that pass and fail images are sufficiently differentiated, and to train a system to focus on pass features (not to recognize specific failures). He will discuss the handling of variation in images and the appearance of pass/fail parts, and offer advice on controlling the vision system environment and managing unexpected variables. He will also devote some time to considerations for lighting, cameras, camera interfaces and software, and how choices in these areas can affect outcomes, using real-world examples to illustrate.


Solving factory automation challenges with machine vision

November 18, 2014

What do you need to know to implement your machine vision setup for industrial automation? This webcast will answer that question using real-world application examples—such as inspection, assembly, and tracking—to illustrate.

Expert speaker Robert MacDonald will explain how to determine your requirements for resolution, speed, software, lighting, and lens choices and provide tips on choosing from among the commercially available options. Along the way, he will present key lessons from decades of implementing machine vision systems for factory automation.

Sponsored by Cognex Corporation.


Performing effective 2D and 3D pattern matching in machine vision applications

October 30, 2014

This webcast, sponsored by MVTec, will explain how pattern matching works and in what applications is being used.


Overcoming the Limitations of Vision Systems in Manufacturing

October 28, 2014

Expert speaker Jim Blasius, Solutions Architect, Measurement & Automation Product Group at ADLINK Technology will examine the pros and cons of different compact vision systems, discuss current requirements for a smart factory, and provide insight on ensuring manufacturing quality and productivity.


Why 3D imaging is important in robotics applications

October 14, 2014

With a focus on the use of 3D imaging in industrial automation and robotics, this webcast will begin by explaining exactly what 3D imaging encompasses and why the technique is important for industrial applications. Imaging expert Clay Flannigan will review the various approaches to 3D sensing, and look at the commercial products offered to implement those methods. And, he will survey the software and techniques available for analyzing 3D data sets. The webcast will include plenty of real-world application examples to illustrate points throughout, and it will conclude with a Q&A session so attendees can get help with their particular issues.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Point Grey, Cognex, ProPhotonix Ltd., and Z-Laser America Inc.