Thunderbolt-enabled industrial camera from XIMEA introduced

After first showing prototypes at VISION 2014 and undergoing subsequent testing, XIMEA has introduced a Thunderbolt-certified industrial camera that is equipped with a 20 MPixel CMV20000 CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS.

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First shown as a prototype at VISION 2014, Thunderbolt-enabled cameras from XIMEA’s xiT industrial camera line underwent testing at multiple Thunderbolt plugfests, where the camera had to undergo strict testing done by independent laboratory and respective officials. Now the MT200 model from XIMEA is officially Thunderbolt certified and can enter into the company’s range of standard product camera lines.

The first approved Thunderbolt camera from XIMEA, which is available in both color and monochrome, features the 20 MPixel CMV20000 CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS, which features a 6.4 µm pixel size. Frame rates of up to 32 fps and 12 bits per pixel can be achieved with Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth of 20Gbit/s and without the need of any frame grabbers. Additionally, the camera is enhanced with the active EF-mount interface for control of dynamic aperture and focus. Dual-port Thunderbolt 2 facilitates daisy chain interconnection, which can reach up to 60m distances with fiber optics cables.

Additional models in the certification pipeline are equipped with Sony’s CMOS image sensors based on Pregius technology (Sony IMX174.)

To Learn More:

Contact: XIMEA
Headquarters: Münster, Germany
xiT Thunderbolt-enabled industrial camera
Key Features:
Thunderbolt-certified industrial camera, 20 MPixel CMV20000 CMOS image sensor, frame rates of up to 32 fps and 12 bits per pixel via Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth of 20Gbit/s.

What XIMEA says:
View more information on the xiT camera.

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