Micron launches Aptina Imaging, a CMOS image-sensor division

MARCH 4, 2008--Micron Technology (Boise, ID, USA) has launched Aptina Imaging, a separate division and new identity for its CMOS imaging business.

MARCH 4, 2008--Micron Technology (Boise, ID, USA; www.micron.com) has launched Aptina Imaging, a separate division and new identity for its CMOS imaging business. Operating as an independent division within Micron, Aptina will better focus on delivering high-quality imaging solutions to its global customer base.

"Micron has undertaken a series of strategic initiatives to demonstrate its focus on being an innovative and cost-effective memory supplier, and the formation of Aptina is a positive development that allows its image-sensor business to find the best path to the marketplace and strengthen its global customer relationships," said Steve Appleton, chairman and chief executive officer of Micron. "Micron has consistently developed industry-leading technology with our image sensor business, and launching Aptina as an independent division allows the image-sensor business to build on that successful heritage."

Aptina will still leverage Micron's strengths in CMOS manufacturing. Operating as an independent division provides Aptina with more manufacturing flexibility, as well as associated cost and operational control benefits. Likewise, Aptina will continue to take advantage of the significant research and development investments Micron has made in manufacturing CMOS image sensors, leveraging the synergistic technological benefits that Micron has come to realize between manufacturing memory and CMOS image sensors. The relationship affords Aptina continued trust in working with an experienced leader in the field of CMOS manufacturing.

"As Aptina, we remain dedicated to developing the most innovative CMOS image sensors in the world, and we are leveraging that expertise to expand our imaging portfolio to encompass the complete camera pipeline. With the world going visual, we're continuing to see new imaging applications and markets come alive and this new structure enables us to better capitalize on these exciting opportunities," said Bob Gove, president of Aptina. "We will continue to serve the markets where we have always had a focus and demonstrated our industry leadership. We will also bring new system level innovations in imaging to our customers, allowing them to include high-performance cameras in their devices without the need to invest heavily in camera system R&D."

In a separate announcement, Aptina unveiled an improved pixel technology that incorporates a new 9-Mpixel image sensor. Additionally, the company unveiled a 1.4-μm pixel and a prototype 1.2-μm pixel. The company also announced a new approach to designing cameras for mobile handsets by incorporating the image sensor, optics, and processing in a single, tiny package. Additional information on Aptina and its new product portfolio can be found at www.aptina.com/news.

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