Basler reports strong 2007 growth in machine-vision components

MARCH 12, 2008--Basler Vision Technologies (Ahrensburg, Germany) released its 2007 annual report showing turnover in the Basler Components business unit extremely positive.

MARCH 12, 2008--Basler Vision Technologies (Ahrensburg, Germany; has released its 2007 annual report. In the 2007 fiscal year, as in previous years, turnover in the Basler Components business unit showed extremely positive development: it increased by 18% to €27.5 million (2006: €23.3 million). The earnings before taxes amounted to €3.0 million (2006: €4.3 million).

Incoming orders were at €30.7 million (2006: €24.7 million). Only ten years after its establishment, the business unit generated more than half of the group's turnover for the first time ever. Hence, the components business remains the most important growth driver within the Basler Group.

As a result of its strong growth in an otherwise stagnant market, Basler Components became the world's number two supplier in the digital camera solutions market for capital goods manufacturers in 2007. The growth was primarily generated through product launches and continuous expansion of the worldwide sales and support channels. In 2007, Basler introduced numerous new, technically innovative camera models that were very positively received in the marketplace. With a new sales office in Korea, the company created further sales capacity.

Basler also prepared for further growth in the production area. To meet the steadily increasing demand for cameras, Basler optimized camera production in 2007: a state of the art production line was installed, a grey room for camera assembly was established, and numerous processes were restructured.

At the group level, Basler ended the 2007 fiscal year with €51.5 million in turnover (2006: €52.1 million). The group's earnings before taxes amounted to €1.8 million (2006: €4.9 million) and the incoming orders to €56.6 million (2006: €57.5 million).

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