Silicon Genesis Corporation (SiGen)

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Founded in 1997, Silicon Genesis Corporation (SiGen) develops and licenses engineered substrate technology for solar, semiconductor, optoelectronics and display markets. Headquartered in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley), the Company's proprietary NanoCleave™ (Layer-transfer), NanoBondTM (Plasma-activated bonding), and NanoSmoothTM (Epi Smoothing/Epi Thickening) process steps have allowed SiGen to become a leading provider of innovative substrates through its process licensing. SiGen promotes its layer-transfer (LT) and engineered wafer technologies by continued development of its advanced process and equipment technologies as well as through strategic alliances. Our processes and technology enable our customers to develop new applications with greater functionality and higher speed, while improving power efficiency and heat dissipation.
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