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Asymtek supplies automated fluid dispensing systems used in advanced technology applications for a range of industries. The systems are used in the assembly semiconductor packages, PCBs, flat panel displays, electronic components, and other industrial assembly processes.
Asymtek’s dispensing technology features application-specific designs. Process controls have been developed to keep the dispensing task in control during production. For example, temperature at the fluid applicator and the substrate are controlled in a closed loop to keep the dispensing process at optimum working temperature. For conformal coating, Asymtek has introduced a series of process controls that apply to the variables in the coating process, making it simpler and more predictable with little to no masking required.
In 1994, Asymtek first introduced the DispenseJet valve, and today offers a third-generation jet that replaces traditional needle dispensing in many applications. With more than 20 years of experience, Asymtek provides dispensing solutions and worldwide customer support.
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