Avantes BV

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Avantes is a leading company in the field of low cost spectroscopy and fiber optic applications. We offer miniature spectrometer systems for on-line measurements and analysis, usually consisting of a light source, fiber optic cables and probes and a spectrometer for the analysis of the light. With these systems you can measure chemical compositions, gather non-invasive medical data, simply determine colors or spectroscopic data in the UV, visible and near infrared regions, and much other physical or optical data. Such data are increasingly used for quality assurance and on-line process control.
Avantes gained its experience by selling over 6000 systems worldwide over the past 12 years, with help of an extended distributor network in more than 35 countries.
At Avantes headquarters in Eerbeek, the Netherlands, our technical sales department will be available by email, phone or fax to make your application a success. The production and quality department will keep the promise of the sales group for in-time and high quality delivery.
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