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Waukesha, WI

EmbedTek creates, designs, and builds computers, custom software, sensors, cameras, and displays for original equipment manufacturers. We make it as easy as possible for OEMs to leverage and embed superior technology for truly differentiated products. Our mission is to create the platform that best serves our customer’s business.

Our first engagement with customers is often designing a purpose-specific computer, display, or camera system for an existing product. We see and feel production pain points that we work to identify, carefully evaluate, and solve. The more we get to know our customers, we can design additional features and functions for their product lines to improve reliability, cost, and performance in a new way. Then, when market needs arise that can be solved through technology, we work with customers to create entirely new products, equipment, and solutions that put them miles ahead of their competition.

Few things are more disruptive or costly to an OEM than unexpected changes to their platform. All aspects of EmbedTek’s process are organized around the need to provide our customers with proactive product transitions as opposed to reactive transitions. We take on the toughest technology, manufacturing, and integration challenges, evaluate them carefully and solve them. Check out our products and case studies at www.embedtek.net.

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