Automated Quality Inspection with Machine Vision

July 1, 2021
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Shared User Cye547cb893d0e43e0aa02c9a042d98ff9
Shared User Cye547cb893d0e43e0aa02c9a042d98ff9
Shared User Cye547cb893d0e43e0aa02c9a042d98ff9
Shared User Cye547cb893d0e43e0aa02c9a042d98ff9

SICK’s new Quality Inspection SensorApp and comprehensive vision sensor enable automated quality inspection tasks

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., JULY 1, 2021 –SICK offers an easy solution for various quality inspection applications with its new Quality Inspection SensorApp and InspectorP62x all-in-one vision sensor. The SensorApp is pre-installed in the entire InspectorP6xx series of 2D vision sensors from SICK, providing flexibility for varying application requirements.

High product and process quality are firmly established tasks in every production plant. Quality assurance also needs to be automated, especially in the context of advancing automation. While customers benefit from high-quality products, companies gain from increased production yield and speed with reduced reject rates and downtimes.

With the new Quality Inspection SensorApp on SICK’s InspectorP6xx 2D vision sensors, the inspection of production, assembly and packaging, or the localization and measurement of parts, can now be automated easily. Even the inspection, counting and measuring of product features are no challenge for the new sensor solution. The SensorApp ensures that the articles produced have exactly the required quality regarding the presence and dimensions of details.

With the foundation of SICK Nova, applications can be solved in a web browser by configuring and combining tools for image processing and integration as required. The user can easily add standard and customized SICK Nova tools to extend functionality. Customized tools are user-defined and permit rapid solving of special inspection requirements. They can be created by anyone with a SICK AppSpace license.

With its new InspectorP62x, SICK has launched an industrial all-in-one vision sensor on the market. The 2D vision sensor is easy to use, compact and versatile. The integrated system of electronically adjustable optics and flexible illumination delivers high-quality images immediately after unpacking. Both experienced and inexperienced users can configure the sensor in no time at all via an accessible and intuitive web user interface. The InspectorP62x is programmable and can be configured using the SICK AppSpace. The functionality of the InspectorP62x can be extended or replaced by customer-specific developments as needed, thanks to the growing number of SICK Nova tools and SensorApps.

About SICK Nova

SICK Nova is the modular and easy-to-use foundation for machine vision SensorApps. This foundation makes it possible to offer rapid customization of the SensorApp. SICK Nova is part of the SICK AppSpace ecosystem.

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