New, affordable, compact camera range for embedded vision

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The highest image quality standards are met by using state-of-the-art Sony IMX sensors featuring high dynamic range and light sensitivity. The first product in this series – the mvBlueFOX3-3M-064Z – offers an outstanding price/performance ratio together with the Starvis IMX178. The excellent image quality makes the 6.4-megapixel rolling shutter sensor ideal for a wide variety of applications (medicine, microscopy) and its high speed offers interesting potential for traffic and industrial applications.


Despite the compact form factor, USB3 Vision-compatible cameras have large image memory and a powerful FPGA for on-board pre-processing as well as digital interfaces for flexible integration into a wide variety of environments. The modular design makes it possible to connect the sensor board directly to customer-specific embedded solutions using a board-to-board connector.


In addition to an available standard interface board with USB and I/O plugs, customized OEM solutions can be created with a wide variety of plug orientations and configurations.


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