Industrial routine is tough. But the EXO is tougher

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In industrial machine vision, cameras and components are frequently exposed to very rough conditions. In such conditions, equipment specified for use in a standard temperature range of between 10 and 45°C frequently meets its limits, meaning that secure operations can no longer be guaranteed.

SVS-Vistek has responded to the request of many customers from industry and is now building all EXO models featuring the Sony IMX sensor to operate in temperatures from -10 to +60 °C, thus setting new standards for industrial cameras.

Optimum temperature management and low-power design

The complex, specially milled body for each model offers optimum temperature control for the sensor and components. The high-quality components have been specially selected for the extended temperature range. At the same time, the consistently low-power design of the electronics ensures a particularly low loss. All this results in an especially low temperature delta between components and the camera body.


The perfect choice for demanding conditions

The customer benefits from this in two ways:

For one thing, the higher specified operating temperature permits demanding applications for which special cooling would previously have been required.

For another, it results in greater reliability and durability under normal conditions.


Tough industrial routine

It is not only in connection with ambient temperatures that the EXO series sets standards in robustness. The high-precision aluminum-milled unibody resists high mechanical strain while the integrated multichannel LED light controller permits lean application.


The EXO is the “integrator’s camera” for industry.

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