PATLITE introduces LED worklights for harsh industrial environments

PATLITE’s CLK-SA LED worklights features an oil and water resistant IP69K enclosure and are suitable for use in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, machine tool, and manufacturing applications.

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PATLITE’s CLK-SA LED worklights are designed with a stainless steel body and clear acrylic PMMA resin lens cover—part of its IP69K-rated sealed enclosure—which enables the lights to withstand high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns. CLK-SA lights measure just 376 mm x 56 mm x 20.5 mm with an evenly distributed daylight luminance of 1,200 lux. In addition, the LED lights operate on 24 VDC and consume just 12.5W of energy. PATLITE’s CLK-SA LED lights are suited for use in food and beverage,pharmaceutical, chemical, machine tool, and manufacturing applications.

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: Torrance, CA, USA
CLK-SA LED worklights
Key Features:
IP69K oil and water resistant enclosure, 376 mm x 56 mm x 20.5 mm size, 1,200 lux luminance, even light distribution via "Micro-array lens."

What PATLITE says:
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