Adept ships vision-guided robots to Chinese partner

Adept Technology, announced that Austong Intelligent Robot Technology ordered 12 Adept Quattro s650H robots to automate a secondary packaging operation for a leading dairy processor.

Adept Technology (Pleasanton, CA, USA), a provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services, announced that Austong Intelligent Robot Technology (Kunshan City, China) placed an order for twelve Adept Quattro s650H robots to automate a secondary packaging operation for a leading dairy processor in China. The order was received and shipped in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2010.

As a member of the Adept Preferred Partner Program, Austong expands the benefits of this program channel to include manufacturers in China where it plans to work with Adept's Asian engineering team to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective robotic packaging solutions.

Hai Chang, managing director of Asia operations for Adept Technology, said, "With the recent labor unrest issues and changes in government labor policies, China's manufacturing base is increasingly turning to flexible automation, which delivers significantly higher efficiencies when compared to traditional labor-intensive operations."

"Austong engineers have worked with Adept for years in our turn-key solutions business. We selected Adept's Quattro robots for a very demanding project with multiple high-throughput production lines because of the extremely fast speeds of the Adept Quattro robot and ease-of-deployment of their ACE PackXpert software," said Dr. Zhengde Li, general manager of Austong Intelligent Robot Technology. "We're extremely confident that we can rapidly deploy our high-performance, flexible, low-cost solutions to China's packaging industry by partnering with Adept and utilizing their innovative products for high-speed intelligent handling."

China is rapidly adopting automation and control technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce production costs in support of the country's astonishing expansion typified by the 11.9% year over year growth in the economy for the first quarter of 2010. Chinese manufacturers of processing and packaging equipment have been quick to recognize the benefits of incorporating international brands of automation and control technology to their machines.

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