Precision Manufacturing Tools

Founded in 1999, Precision Manufacturing Tools (PMT), SMT Rework Division of Prodev, Inc., is the fastest-growing global supplier of high performance Lead-Free Rework equipment and tooling used to recover the value of printed circuit boards (PCBs) that would otherwise be lost as a result of manufacturing defects or engineering changes.
PMT's X-Series and B-Series Rework Systems offer a Lead-Free thermal process technology that can handle the placement and removal of components such as BGA, MicroBGA, Flip Chip, CSP, QFP, etc. on PCBs up to 24" x 36"+ while delivering accurate and repeatable results in significantly reduced cycle times than comparable systems. PMT's new IR Programmable Board Heaters provide advanced solutions to optimize challenging BGA/CSP manual Rework on PCBs up to 20" x 24".