Hamamatsu is the proven leader in the photonics industry. For more than 50 years, we have been unsurpassed in our number of innovations and dedication to ongoing research and development. We serve a large variety of markets ranging from semiconductor inspection to medical diagnostics. We offer a vast range of products that are known around the world for quality and reliability as well as their ability to be customized to meet the exact specifications for all industries that uses photonics components and systems to meet their goals.
If you need any product that relies on photonics technology, there is no company you can rely on more your needs than Hamamatsu.
We manufacture detectors that are used in the detection of biological agents, chemical compounds and radiation. Examples of products that are used in homeland security include compact photomultipliers and photodiodes for radiation detection. Multianode photomultipliers are used for spectral discrimination of aerosols to detect the presence of biological agents. Photomultipliers, avalanche photodiodes, photodiodes and CCDs are used in gene chip scanners, real time PCR, and gene sequencers for identifying biological agents. InGaAs detectors and arrays are used in NIR spectroscopy to identify chemical compounds. We also offer a variety of photodiode arrays and CMOS image sensors for x-ray detection. These devices can be used for baggage and cargo inspection.
Hamamatsu Corporation's headquarters are located in Bridgewater NJ. In addition, we have 23 sales engineers in offices located throughout the United States. All of our sales engineers have a technical background. Their experience in the photonics allows them to help you select the best component for your homeland security project. More than 150 people are employed at these combined locations.