CeramOptec Industries Inc.

CeramOptec, a division of biolitec, was founded in 1986 in Bonn, Germany by Dr. Wolfgang Neuberger and today is a world leader in the production of specialty optical fiber and fiber optic-based products for industrial, scientific, military, medical, and dental applications. By maintaining complete control over the entire manufacturing process - from preform manufacture to finished fiber product, CeramOptec provides the highest quality and widest variety of specialty optical fiber, bundles, assemblies and spectroscopic accessories available on the market today.
Headquartered in Bonn, Germany (European headquarters) and East Longmeadow, MA (US headquarters), CeramOptec has several facilities worldwide to provide customers with local, prompt and reliable service and products.
CeramOptec is a global leader in the production of stock and custom silica / silica, plastic-clad silica, hard polymer-clad silica optical fibers; fused capillary tubing, DPSS lasers diode modules and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission, medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion and spectroscopy. Our comprehensive line of optical fibers, fiber assemblies, bundles, and fused-end bundles exhibits exceptional temperature capabilities, power handling and transmission values. Our fibers offer exceptional performance from 193 nm to 2.5 microns, from -190°C to +1500°C, in vacuum environments (10–9 torr), and in long lengths. UV, VIS, NIR, and MIR fibers and bundles are manufactured in any length. Any environment is welcomed, including oil, radiation, monitoring, and space.
CeramOptec is a division of biolitec. biolitec specializes in medical lasers and fiber optic delivery systems for urology, dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology and general surgery. In 2002, biolitec entered the pharmaceutical industry with the introduction of Foscan®, a Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) drug for head and neck cancer in non US markets.