Principia Lightworks

Principia LightWorks, Inc. (Woodland Hills, CA) has developed a laser technology, the "eVCSEL", an electron-beam-pumped vertical cavity surface-emitting laser, which serves as a light source for projection display applications. Principia's eVCSEL, a laser faceplate attached to a Cathode Ray Tube ("CRT"), can be mass produced to meet the projection display market's demand for the superior color reproduction that lasers offer with the reliability and low cost that conventional light sources provide. Principia's technology and low cost manufacturing allows display product OEMs to broadly integrate lasers as a light source for consumer projectors, including rear screen projection television ("RPTV"). Principia has designed and fabricated eVCSELs in red, green, and blue that operate at high output power (greater than 5 watts), with efficiencies and device lifetime that fall within the performance parameters of consumer market applications.