Tacit Networks

Tacit Networks is the world's leading provider of Wide Area File Services (WAFS) solutions. Tacit Networks' operating system and platform independent solutions dramatically reduce WAN latency and eliminate WAN roadblocks to global information sharing, allowing distributed enterprises to consolidate storage while ensuring real-time collaboration over the WAN with all the speed, performance and reliability of a LAN. The company's unique Wellspring product architecture layers multiple technologies to provide cross-platform support, speed information flow and automatically survive WAN disruptions while ensuring 100% data coherency and consistency. Geographically distributed companies of all sizes have chosen Tacit Networks to significantly "improve their net work" - without adding risk. Headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Tacit Networks' products are sold and serviced worldwide directly and through partners. For more information on Tacit Networks' WAFS solutions, visit Tacit Networks on the Web at