Polymicro Technologies, LLC

Since 1984, Polymicro Technologies has provided customer-driven Creative, Innovative Solutions for the optical fiber and capillary tubing marketplace. Our state of the art manufacturing facility with multiple draw towers, a unique glass laboratory, an expert assembly operation, dedicated test equipment, and laser processing technologies are proven assets you can rely upon. Through in-depth technical expertise and dedication to understanding and serving each customer's individual needs, we help bring emerging technologies from the drawing board to reality. With hundreds of standard and custom products we continually improve the quality of products and the manufacturing processes. As a world leader in the development and manufacture of specialty optical fiber products for the applications in laser power delivery, lighting, data-com, and other niche markets, Polymicro is well positioned to meet the technologies of today as well as the challenges of tomorrow.
Polymicro Technologies is ISO 9001:2000 certified.