Electronic Controls Design, Inc. (better known as ECD) is a world-class electronics manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. Since 1964, our business has been the designing, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of specialized electronic products.
ECD is a group of honest, intelligent, hard-working, and enjoyable people. We are absolutely committed to our customers and our MISSION, VISION and VALUES.

Since we first assisted in building the kidney dialysis machine in 1964, we have been a recognized leader in each of our markets. We have attained and maintained that status by listening closely to our customers, employees and suppliers. We strive to develop a sense of WOW with our customers. "WOW! I didn't know a product could do that for me!" or "WOW! I didn't know the service from your company could be that good!" are testimonials we try to invoke in the way we please our customers.

ECD values honesty and integrity in all of our relationships. We are a company that you can trust and depend on. If we say we are going to do something, you can count on it. We like to have fun at our work. We believe this is a great way for us to bring out our best abilities so we may reach our highest potential in serving our customers. Continuous improvement is a way of life at ECD. We can always get better at everything we do! If we live all these values, we will continue to be a profitable business which will continue to deserve your confidence and trust.