Mobil Industrial Lubricants

ExxonMobil is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to set new benchmarks for lubrication excellence. With qualified research chemists and lubricant formulators as well as an experienced Equipment Builder team that works side-by-side with customers and leading equipment manufacturers around the globe, the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants leverages its application specific expertise and close relationships with leading OEMs to engineer products that help enable customers and end-users to take their productivity to new heights.

Proven Synthetic Technology

As a pioneer of synthetic lubricant technology, the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants offers industry-proven Mobil SHC lubricants that deliver exceptional protection for equipment operating in the most demanding applications.

For companies that rely on equipment that is often subjected to extreme operating conditions, such as high temperatures, extreme loads and pressures, excessive moisture or high speeds, Mobil SHC lubricants and greases offer an ideal solution. That’s because they are formulated with application specific performance in mind and are designed to deliver exceptional lubrication, helping to reduce operating temperatures, minimize component wear and extend oil change intervals compared to ExxonMobil’s conventional mineral oil based products.

In fact, Mobil SHC products are endorsed for use in over 5,800 applications by more than 1,100 major equipment builders around the world for exclusive or preferential use. For example, did you know that Mobilgear SHC XMP, a high-performance synthetic gear oil, is approved by the world's major gear, bearing and wind turbine manufacturers, and is used to lubricate nearly 20,000 wind turbines worldwide? Moreover, Mobil SHC 600, a series of high-performance synthetic circulating and gear oils, is recommended by more than 1,000 major equipment builders worldwide?

These are just two of the many products within the popular Mobil SHC family that are helping successful companies around the world save significant amounts of money and realize the benefits of improved productivity, enhanced equipment performance and reduced power consumption compared to ExxonMobil’s conventional lubricants.

Premium Services that Enable Customers to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Along with providing premium lubricants, the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants offers a wide range of aftermarket services that provide companies with hands-on support to better manage their maintenance needs.

Around the world, technical experts from the ExxonMobil Field Engineering Services (FES) team work closely with companies in many industrial sectors, offering expert advice on best-in-class lubrication and maintenance practices. A technical help desk, available by phone or on-line, provides invaluable advice on lubrication issues quickly and effectively.

In addition, the Mobil Industrial Lubricants team offers its proprietary Signum oil analysis program to help companies expand their predictive maintenance programs and closely track equipment reliability. Easy and convenient to use, Signum is a state-of-the art online oil analysis program specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators in used oil based on leading equipment builder specifications and international standards.

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