Polytec is the world leader in non contact, dynamic and static MEMS test and measurement. By developing the most precise and reliable optical probes for non-contact vibration and topography measurement, Polytec defines the gold-standard in characterization systems for microstructural dynamics and surface topography. By acquiring data for rapid, experimental modal testing, on-line and off-line quality control, rapid visualization of the MEMS dynamic response, improved design tolerancing including wafer level and packaged products, and refinement of manufacturing process parameters, Polytec technical solutions are the answer to many pressing MEMS issues in research, design, manufacturing and inspection. . Polytec's market-leading position is built on innovative technology, high-quality products, engineering excellence, qualified and customer-oriented service, expert technical advice and many satisfied customers worldwide. Measurement instruments range from a Small Structure Laser Vibrometer with through-the-lens video imaging to the advanced Micro System Analyzer that incorporates three key technologies - laser vibrometry, stroboscopic video microscopy and white light interferometry. The state-of-the-art Micro System Analyzer can measure static topography, in-plane dynamics and out-of-plane dynamics on MEMS devices. Built on a history of innovation and excellence, Polytec is your MEMS measurement and test partner for today and tomorrow.
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