OK International, Metcal Division

Metcal was founded in 1982 to provide products, services and solutions that enhance the productivity of electronics manufacturing. Based in Menlo Park, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, Metcal has always worked closely with the leaders in the electronics industry to develop tools to meet the demands of today's technologies.

Metcal products offer exceptional levels of performance and control without ignoring the importance of human factors and industrial design. Footprint-reducing packaging saves valuable benchtop space, ergonomic handpieces reduce fatigue, and simple controls minimize errors. All of these elements lead to improved throughput and process control, adding up to real value.

For almost 20 years, Metcal has earned your trust as the soldering rework system of choice for operators and technicians. Now, you can trust the Metcal name on an expanded range of electronics bench systems including; soldering/desoldering, advanced package rework, fume extraction, fluid dispensing, and inspection systems. Metcal, precision systems for the electronics bench; for ease of use, increased productivity and maximum throughput.

Metcal is a wholly owned subsidiaries of OK International, which has offices in the Americas, France, Italy Germany, U.K., Japan, Taiwan, and China. Products are also sold through a network of distributors worldwide.