Optical Communication Products, Inc.

OCP offers an extensive portfolio of transceivers, transmitters, receivers and optical sub-systems to address the optical requirements of telecom and networking equipment manufacturers. The world's leading switch manufacturers count on OCP's broad product line to support their diverse applications. OCP builds SONET/SDH and Ethernet-based optical modules in wide variety of mechanical through-hole and pluggable form factors that enable the designer to optimize their product functionality. OCP's SFP product line supports all reaches of OC3/12/48, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel. In addition, OCP offers extended operating temperature ranges for all of its SFP product line. OCP has expanded their WDM-based offering to include SFP OC48 DWDM modules along with their CWDM product line that supports SONET/SDH and Gigabit Ethernet network applications of up to 120km links. OCP is a leading pioneer in the development of long wavelength VCSEL technology. OCP has developed product with the 1.3 VCSEL to address the Gigabit Ethernet market's requirement for a MMF solution that transmits at a distance further than the existing 220m limitation of the 1000BASE-SX standard. OCP's 1.3 VCSEL-based product can transmit a Gigabit Ethernet payload over 2km, matching the link lengths of the Fast Ethernet and FDDI standards.