Fiberguide has been the Fiber Optic Solutions company to the OEM market for almost three decades, with a comprehensive line of standard and custom high optical transmission multi-mode, single-mode and graded-index optical fibers from the UV to NIR, and temperature ranges from -269°C to +700°C (through the application of various coating materials). Recently introduced its latest Eduraguide line of large core multimode optical fibers featuring a Hard Plastic Clad Silica ('HPCS') coated fibers with a Numerical Aperture (N.A.) of 0.37 and HPCS coated silica/silica with a N.A. of 0.22 and attenuation of 3.5dB/km @ 800nm / 8.9dB/km @ 1060nm.

Fiberguide continues to lead the way by advancing state-of-the-art in designing, prototyping and 'packaging' optical fibers, including silica, glass and plastic, into custom, value-added assemblies for the OEM market. From single fiber assemblies through multi-furcated input/outputs containing thousands of fibers arranged randomly or distinctively mapped, Fiberguide sets the standard for the best in optical fiber products. Fiberguide is also active in the design and manufacture of ultra precision high density two dimensional arrays (patents issued) designed for free space parallel interconnections. Fiberguide is FDA registered as a Contract Manufacturer and Custom Device Manufacturer.