GC America

GC America competes in the dental operatory materials market, the laboratory materials market and small dental equipment market with clinically proven products in restorative dentistry, cementation, impression taking, prosthetics, periodontal therapy, infection control, minimal intervention dentistry and laboratory products. Selling dental operatory products and laboratory products through dental specialty dealers, GCA serves North, Central, and South America. GCA is one of the premiere dental companies in the U.S. with an excellent reputation for advancing the art and science of dentistry. Major brands include GC Fuji Glass ionomers, EXA Impression Materials, and COE Brand Impression Trays. Recently, GC America has launched a composite restorative line including GRADIA DIRECT composite, GRADIA DIRECT Flo, GRADIA DIRECT LoFlo and G-BOND one component, self-etching, light-cured adhesive.