Idaho Technology

Idaho Technology is a privately held company and home to the fastest, highest-quality machines in the world for pathogen identification and DNA analysis; including DNA amplification, real-time PCR, Hi-Res Melting™, mutation detection and genotyping. Our complement of products includes the R.A.P.I.D.®, R.A.P.I.D. LT, and RAZOR® Systems and the LightScanner®, HR-1™ and RapidCycler® Instruments along with an expanding line of freeze-dried reagents and DNA/RNA purification and test kits. IT BioChem, a division of Idaho Technology, offers a complete list of probes, primers and melting dyes for the LightCycler®, LightScanner, HR-1 and other real-time PCR instruments. Now in our seventeenth year, we are making great strides to ensure that our products remain efficient and user-friendly.

We are backed by a remarkable network of corporate and educational relationships and a growing number of committed and talented team members. For those interested in our history, our achievements, our people, our corporate responsibilities, our work environment, or our latest news, click on any of the areas of interest for further information.