Pegasus Technologies

For the last two decades, Pegasus Technologies has pioneered the advanced control and optimization software market for the power generation industry. With the most comprehensive intellectual property portfolio in the industry, the war chest of patents represents well over $100 Million of research carried out by a number of the leading companies who founded this field, including Pegasus, Computer Associates, Dupont, Pavilion Technologies, and the 70 computer companies who originally sponsored Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corp.'s (MCC) far-ranging research programs from 1987 - 1999. Pegasus focus is to deliver delivers focus-driven results specific to each clients needs. Delivering scaled solutions to a multitude of plant sizes and configuration, Pegasus has over 100 successful optimization installations, including some of the largest utilities in the nation. Pegasus provides technology, engineering know-how, and life cycle support for an entire range of power generation control and optimization solutions to meet the energy, environmental, and efficiency demands plants are facing today.