NeoPath Networks

NeoPath Networks is the leading provider of network file management (NFM) solutions and file server virtualization. NeoPath's flagship product, the File Director, allows companies to:
  • Easily perform large-scale data migrations
  • Painlessly implement a tiered storage environment
  • Institute a unified virtual namespace
The File Director creates a virtualization layer between clients and file servers. It decouples the filename paths from their physical locations and provides a policy-based approach to optimize existing storage resources. With its unique combination of real-time file characterization, policy-based file management, migration even during client access, and namespace virtualization for transparency, the File Director enables companies to simplify and automate management of unstructured file data, increase storage scalability and efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Founded in 2002, NeoPath Networks is the pioneer in file server virtualization. NeoPath has Fortune 500 customers spanning multiple industries including ISPs, ASPs, financial services, manufacturing, and federal government, and a world-class management and engineering team. NeoPath is a NetApp Advantage Partner.

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