Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Experts in thermal imaging technology, Sierra-Olympic provides cameras, components, and systems solutions for infrared camera users and integrators. The company specializes in complete and cost-effective solutions for shortwave infrared (SWIR), midwave infrared (MWIR) and longwave infrared (LWIR) imaging applications.

Products include LWIR OEM imaging cores; cooled cameras for science, industry, and security/surveillance; cooled cameras for OEM customers; SWIR cameras for inspection/machine vision; and thermography systems for temperature-measurement applications. The company recently introduced an optical gas imaging (OGI) camera core for OEM integrators, the Ventus OGI. It is the smallest, lightest, lowest-powered OGI camera core available, designed for detection and visualization of hydrocarbon gas leaks, such as methane, butane, propane, etc.

The latest in high-definition thermal imagers is the new Vayu HD camera, an uncooled 1080p thermal imager which is ideal for perimeter surveillance and rugged military imaging. It provides unprecedented image resolution utilizing a vanadium oxide microbolometer (VOx) sensor with a capacity of over 2.3 million pixels on a 12-micron pixel pitch, in a commercially-designed, IP67-environmentally rated, stand-alone camera.

Sierra-Olympic has recently been selected by Leonardo DRS as the master distributor of uncooled thermal camera cores in the U. S., supporting commercial customers by introducing new product offerings and providing highly responsive customer service.

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