Photron, Inc.

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A global leader in ultra-high-speed camera systems and slow-motion analysis. Photron’s cameras feature superb light sensitivity, as measured to ISO 12232 Ssat standard. Photron’s wide range of high-speed cameras deliver 21,000 fps at megapixel resolution to over 2,000,000 fps at reduced resolution for military, automotive, fluidics - including PIV, materials testing - including DIC, biomechanics, ballistics testing markets..

New PhotoCam SpeederV2 is a standalone, portable long- record-time high-speed camera system for production-line fault-finding, providing blur-free images up to 2000 fps at full resolution. Workers can quickly identify production line problems without use of a computer. The SpeederV2 features one or two miniature remote heads tethered to a camera-control unit with a 7-inch LCD touch screen for intuitive video display/playback.

Photron added an option for additional memory to the FASTCAM Mini AX/UX/WX cameras, increasing it to 32 GB! FASTCAM Mini AX200 High-Speed Camera provides incredible light sensitivity (ISO 40,000 monochrome/16,000 color).

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