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180 King St S, Suite 500
Waterloo, ON
RapidMind provides the award-winning RapidMind Multi-core Development Platform that simplifies the development of parallel applications, minimizing the impact on traditional lifecycle costs and timelines. Developers of HPC and enterprise software are using RapidMind today to create manageable, single-threaded applications that leverage the full potential of multi-core processors from AMD and Intel and to seamlessly take advantage of the application acceleration available from GPUs and the Cell Broadband Engine(TM). Multi-core processors offer tremendous performance gains, but few applications take full advantage of this new technology because of the significant complexity of parallelizing across the multiple cores.
Applications that are not multi-core enabled will suffer a performance decrease as it will only run on a single core, and will not scale as the number of cores increases. Traditional approaches force software organizations to choose between either decreased performance or longer, more expensive development cycles. In most cases, these organizations are limiting themselves to single-core processing and leaving incredible business benefits on the table. Based in Waterloo, Canada, RapidMind is a venture-backed private company that is built on over five years of advanced research and development. The company's mission is to allow software developers to continue to focus on their application, rather than the processors. RapidMind will ensure those applications perform extremely well on the exciting innovations being introduced by processor vendors such as AMD, IBM, Intel and NVIDIA.