Kuvio Automation Ltd.

KUVIO™ (Kuvio Automation Ltd) develops, markets and distributes BlueOcean™ Machine Vision – the next generation machine vision platform without the limitations of traditional machine vision systems. This unique platform includes a family of compact but powerful smart cameras, a comprehensive set of expandable vision tools and a hardware independent software platform. KuvioKamera™ hardware platform, for the first time, combines multicore general processor, multicore DSP and high performance FPGA processing capabilities into smart cameras and compact vision systems. The hardware independent BlueOcean™ Machine Vision software platform includes BlueOcean™ Application Builder for building any vision application and its user interface(s) with intuitive graphical tools and BlueOcean™ Application Manager for real-time execution of any vision application. The platform software seamlessly integrates the application build, real-time execution and run time user environments without any programming. Furthermore the system automatically optimizes the real time execution based on the actual hardware used in the machine vision system and the characteristics of each image processing tool, vision tool or control tool used in the application. Visit us at www.kuviovision.com for more information.