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1751 Richardson St, Suite 6117
Montreal, QC

NorPix is a world leader in the development of digital video capture software. Our main products are StreamPix & TroublePix. StreamPix is a multiple camera acquisition software package compatible with API’s from over 200 various camera and frame grabber manufacturers. TroublePix is a customized digital capture software for high speed troubleshooting in industrial settings. Our CUDA JPEG Library is a C/C++ library using CUDA based GPU for real time JPEG compression and runs on any NVIDIA CUDA compatible video adapter. StreamPix and TroublePix both provide a wide selection of features such as time stamping, GPS, IRIG-B, audio and web streaming. All of our software product lines are compatible with GigE, 10 GigE, USB3, Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers.

NorPix also provides custom systems including software, multiple camera synchronization hardware, cameras, frame grabbers and optimized computers to maximize single or multiple camera high speed capture for short or long term video recording. NorPix has over 20 years experience in the machine vision industry.

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