Particle Measuring Systems

Particle Measuring Systems was established in 1972 delivering state-of-the-art technology to solve difficult particulate measuring problems. Today, Particle Measuring Systems particle counting systems are sold worldwide to diverse markets including the pharmaceutical, bioscience, hospital, and other high technology driven industries. Offering a comprehensive product line of particle counters enables users to qualify and monitor acceptable levels of contamination to USP 797 standards within the manufacturing environments; including cleanroom and ISO 5 cabinet monitoring and filter integrity testing.
Our battery powered, portable, HandiLazĀ® Mini particle counter provides portable aerosol particle monitoring for all your USP 797 applications, in a single handheld package. The comprehensive LasairĀ® II offers higher flow rates and full functionality to certify the cleanroom to ISO 14644 standards. Our team of experts can assist in the validation of the instrumentation and procedures required to ensure and ongoing monitoring routine.