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InMage is the leading independent software vendor in developing and delivering comprehensive, disk-based and scalable business application recovery solutions that allow companies to meet stringent disaster recovery, eliminate the impacts of local backups, and manage application uptime to meet high availability requirements. Targeting enterprises, InMage solutions provide solid data protection for high growth data environments while eliminating backups, minimizing data loss on recovery, shortening recovery times, and increasing recovery reliability in heterogeneous environments. InMage uniquely offers granular protection and AppShot technology to further support its customers' local backup, remote disaster recovery and high application availability requirements.

InMage was founded by acknowledged storage networking visionary Kumar Malavalli, who co-founded Brocade Communications, and Rajeev Atluri, another storage networking luminary with a number of storage patents pending in next generation data protection technology. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has engineering operations in Hyderabad, India. InMage distributes its solutions primarily through indirect channels, including a large network of OEMs, VARs, and systems integrators.

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