Brush Wellman

A wholly owned subsidiary of Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (NYSE: BW), Cleveland, Ohio-based Brush Wellman is the world's leading supplier of high performance alloys, providing high strength-high conductivity copper, copper beryllium and spinodal alloy products with unparalleled global service. Copper beryllium is specified and used in connector applications where a combination of high strength, high conductivity, excellent stress relaxation resistance and good formability are necessary to optimize a contact design and maximize the reliability of the interface. Around the world, the company's engineered materials can be found in technically demanding end-use products serving markets such as aerospace, appliance, automotive electronics, computer and telecommunications, industrial components, mechanical systems, oil and gas, and more. Additional information can be found on our website. While on our website, visit the DESIGN CENTER where you can find our Connector Design Guide, Guide to Copper Beryllium, FEA design assistance, metallurgical technical advice and other valuable information on the design, fabrication, and performance of electronic connectors!