November 26th webcast: How to scan glass and specular surfaces with smart 3D technology

Nov 26th, 2019

This webcast was originally aired on November 26, 2019
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Webcast Description:

Scanning glass and specular surfaces is a challenging task. It is not impossible however, and a free webcast on November 26 will explain how laser-based, smart 3D technology can help solve the challenges inherent in such applications.Specifically, the presentation will address cell phone glass assembly inspection—a common consumer electronics application in which the laser sensor scans the cell phone glass edge in its frame and generates high-resolution 3D data. The data is then used to extract edge and gap features, and measure flushness and offset in order to ensure tight assembly tolerances are met. This presentation will explain how this works, provide examples and potential pitfalls to avoid, and end with a Q&A session.  

Join us for this webcast sponsored by LMI Technologies.

Presented by:

Jonathan Lannan
Lead Technical Product Manager
LMI Technologies

Jonathan works with a talented team to develop industry leading smart 3D sensors. He has over 10 years experience in electro-optical system design.

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