VSD Special Topics - Sep 18th, 2023
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September 18, 2023

Vision Systems Design launched a Salary & Career Survey to gather insights about job roles and resources, career trajectories and salaries for engineers in machine vision. Take the survey HERE. We'll report on the results in November. 

In this newsletter, we also include articles on robotics applications in logistics. Speaking of logistics, register for our upcoming Webinar on the topic HERE

Robotic system from Plus One Robotics incorporates a robot, AI-based software, and remote supervisor software.
The robot can manipulate 65% of Amazon’s sortable inventory of more than 100 million products, not including large products such as appliances.
The vision systems and robots work together to ensure food packages route to the correct location.
Three vision-guided robots save 40 hours per week by transporting pallets from receiving to storage, demonstrating how automation can free employees for more important tasks, and inspiring future plans for robot adoption.
Recent trends have led some companies to turn to vision for everything from guiding autonomous vehicles and robots, to reading barcodes, to record keeping.
Crafting an efficient machine vision system involves numerous factors that impact its performance. While the camera choice is essential, there are other factors that significantly influence the final image.
Developing imaging technology for surgical tracking requires engineering that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional camera providers.
3D imaging technology is being used to carry out inspection and sorting tasks in food, beverage, and consumer packaging industries, as well as in logistics and warehousing.
Euresys has a cheaper and more flexible solution which is available right now. Yuzairee Tahir, VP sales and support APAC from Euresys, takes a look at how 2D vision engineers can have 3D at their fingertips.