VSD Special Topics - Oct 2nd, 2023
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October 2, 2023

In this issue of Vision Systems Design's newsletter, we cover camera innovations. We've included a number of articles describing experimental cameras or innovative applications with cameras. We hope you find this collection of articles educational and inspiring. 


Featuring LUCID’s AltaView adaptive tone mapping, the Triton HDR camera with Sony’s IMX490 CMOS sensor, delivers real-time tone-mapped images directly from the camera, producing data-rich 8-bit images. The optimized AltaView output offers perceptually equivalent lower bit depth HDR images, reducing CPU/GPU resources required for efficient AI processing and mobile sensing applications.

Autonomous vessel, mapping system successfully tested.
The new system seeks to expand the traditional wavelength bands employed by drones for forage mass monitoring.
The camera system is based on the fiddler crab, which has an amphibious imaging ability and a 360° field of view (FoV).
The system overcomes the obstacles seen in other cameras without lenses, resulting in a lightweight and fast camera.
The ability of thermal cameras to detect objects in any light can help to improve the capabilities of automatic emergency braking systems.
Crafting an efficient machine vision system involves numerous factors that impact its performance. While the camera choice is essential, there are other factors that significantly influence the final image.
Developing imaging technology for surgical tracking requires engineering that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional camera providers.
3D imaging technology is being used to carry out inspection and sorting tasks in food, beverage, and consumer packaging industries, as well as in logistics and warehousing.
Meet Vieworks' high speed 21 megapixel area scan camera with CoaXPress-over-Fiber interface, VC-21MDF.