VSD Product Showcase - Nov 8th, 2023
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November 8, 2023

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

STURDeCAM31 is a compact 3MP GMSL2 IP69K HDR camera designed for autonomous mobility. This camera reliably operates in extreme temperatures, high vibrations, challenging outdoor lighting conditions, and dusty or watery environments, delivering excellent HDR + LFM for superior outdoor imaging. It features an automotive-grade Sony® ISX031 CMOS sensor with an inbuilt ISP and employs sub-pixel technology for 120dB HDR + LFM.

PIXCI® mf2280c is a camera link to Thunderbolt 3 frame grabber in a 115 x 80 x 20 mm case that captures at up to 85 MHz camera link clock rates from a base/medium/full/80 bit camera link area or line scan camera. Auto/ind/com temperature grades. Conformal coating & trigger input optional. Includes image capture & analysis software.  Programmer libraries available. 10 meter Tbolt cable available.

ProPhotonix has added a new RGB-SWIR configuration to its COBRA MultiSpec multispectral line light range. With five RGB and SWIR wavelengths in a single line light, the new product offers system designers an ideal solution for moisture and plastic contaminant detection in food sorting as well as the potential to significantly simplify and improve the performance of your vision system.

Offering the highest performance in 5GigE cameras, the Forge supports the industry's fastest frame rates with burst mode to capture images at speeds up to 10Gb/s into memory and an impressive 500 MB image buffer for managing data transfer. To ensure reliability at these speeds, Forge supports the Trigger-to-Image Reliability (T2IR) framework for engineers to easily build robust systems.

With Ensenso C, IDS Imaging Development Systems is introducing a stereo vision camera that not only generates 3D point clouds, but also delivers 2D color images thanks to an additional image sensor. The IP65/67 camera is delivered preconfigured and is therefore ready-to-use. It reliably detects objects even in difficult lighting conditions. Discover now this extraordinary new 3D camera series.

Advanced illumination has released their FD2 High Intensity Flat Diffuse Lights, a new take on Ai’s original FD Flat Diffuse Light design. The FD2 provides improvements in brightness, structural rigidity, and efficiency. This revised product design produces the performance needed for the most demanding diffuse illumination applications, while remaining cost effective.

Westech is a designer, manufacturer and distributer of precision lens components and lens assemblies for industrial, military and medical applications. We are committed to outstanding quality and value. If you use precision optics and are looking for superior service and internationally competitive pricing, Westech is the answer. Don’t pay catalog prices for O.E.M. optics.