VSD Special Topics - Nov 13th, 2023
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November 13, 2023

In this week's newsletter, we focus on 3D imaging with articles focusing on research and industrial applications. If you missed it live, watch our Webinar on 3D Imaging on demand. 

Advanced AI-enabled software, 3D sensors, and powerful industrial PCs deliver data that can optimize coaching strategies and athletic execution.

The Helios2 Wide ToF camera integrates Sony’s DepthSense IMX556PLR back-illuminated ToF sensor paired with a wide-angle lens and four wide-angle 850nm VCSEL laser diodes, providing a 108° Field of View (FoV). Helios2 Wide offers a Factory Tough™ IP67 design and a wider 108° x 78° FoV. It is suited for applications with a close working distance and large area of operation such as full-size palletizing.

3D non contact optical scanning system, intuitive software, create almost perfect reproduction of statue.
Advances in automation technologies, including 3D imaging and AI, have created new opportunities in robotic bin picking systems.
The system overcomes the obstacles seen in other cameras without lenses, resulting in a lightweight and fast camera.
Autonomously driving robotic system includes a vehicle, robotic arm, 3D stereo camera system, PLC, and software.
Smart Cameras combine high-quality image capturing and powerful image processing in an industrial-grade housing, making them the perfect image processing platform for Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
Crafting an efficient machine vision system involves numerous factors that impact its performance. While the camera choice is essential, there are other factors that significantly influence the final image.
Automatic identification (auto ID) and scan tunnels help auto companies become more flexible, efficient, and innovative.
The core competency of engineers designing machine vision cameras and systems is usually configuring the core camera features to provide the best possible image while meeting size, weight, power budget and other requirements.