VSD Special Topics - Nov 27th, 2023
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November 27, 2023

In this edition of the newsletter, we've curated a selection of application stories involving autonomous robots and vehicles, including those delivering food, tracking rogue drones, managing crops or moving pallets.

The company envisions incorporating the technologies into equipment it sells in other industries.

A faster, easier way to reliable, high-throughput hyperspectral imaging and nondestructive testing in the NIR and SWIR. Hamamatsu’s highly sensitive InGaAs cameras and area image sensor modules offer high-speed frame rate, wide dynamic range, low readout noise, and low dark noise. Our experience with InGaAs sensors allows us to design and develop cameras with exquisite image contrast and quality.

Numerous companies offer this robotic delivery service, which relies on machine vision technologies for such tasks as navigation and obstacle avoidance.
Autonomously driving robotic system includes a vehicle, robotic arm, 3D stereo camera system, PLC, and software.
Three vision-guided robots save 40 hours per week by transporting pallets from receiving to storage, demonstrating how automation can free employees for more important tasks, and inspiring future plans for robot adoption.
System utilizes machine vision, AI tools to help detect, locate rogue drones.
Smart Cameras combine high-quality image capturing and powerful image processing in an industrial-grade housing, making them the perfect image processing platform for Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
Crafting an efficient machine vision system involves numerous factors that impact its performance. While the camera choice is essential, there are other factors that significantly influence the final image.
Achieve comprehensive track and trace capabilities through reliable user-friendly barcode reading and data capture technologies.
VN-25MX, 25 megapixels CMOS pixel-shifting CoaXPress camera won the Red Dot Design Awards 2015 in the field of Product Design. It is recognized by the judges of Red Dot Design Awards for the good design unprecedently as an industrial camera. And it also won Platinum Award from Innovators Awards 2015 held by Vision Systems Design with its CMOS pixel...