Machine Vision Insider - Mar 26th, 2024
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March 26, 2024
Watch Justine Murphy as she reviews the top stories in the machine vision industry.

Simplify your vision system when pairing a Zebra Iris GTX Smart Camera with Advanced Illumination's new Light Hub. This plug-and-play solution integrates seamlessly, directly powering your camera and connected light, while providing essential I/O functionality like triggering and analog dimming control. Choose from over a million compatible lighting configurations for unparalleled flexibility.

Using an RGB camera, radar, AI and a combination of cloud and embedded computing, the technology platform manages traffic lights, easing traffic snarls.
Machine vision inspection system detects anomalies, measures wear on card clothing.
The railroad company worked with Georgia Tech Research Institute to develop the vision system by combining AI and high-resolution, high-speed cameras.
Machine vision, AI, guide ferry boat across the water in Stockholm, Sweden.
In the warehouse, the need for speed and accuracy has never been greater. Zebra machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions allow you to automate processes to move and track goods quickly and accurately.