Vision Topic Updates - May 16th, 2024
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May 16, 2024
Choosing the right lens is an important step in developing a machine vision system..

The newest InGaAs image area sensor from Hamamatsu, G16564-0808T, is designed with a hybrid structure, featuring a CMOS readout circuit and back-illuminated InGaAs photodiodes. It features 320 × 256 pixels and a 3500:1 dynamic range, more than double the conventional product range. G16564-0808T is ideal for NIR nondestructive inspection, hyperspectral imaging, and traffic monitoring applications. 

Components ranging from GPUs to TPUs to NVMe and PCIe 6.0 have helped create new opportunities in automation.
With polarizing cameras and imaging components increasingly entering the vision application mainstream since 2018, new applications and uses for polarization in machine vision steadily continue to emerge.
For machine vision and imaging tasks, step one in finding eventual success is getting the highly informative image. Block-matching, 3D filters, non-linear means filtering, and Shearlet transform techniques show success in denoising images.
Image segmentation is used in a variety of machine vision applications, ranging from surveillance to tumor detection.
Teledyne Lumenera expands its INFINITY Microscope Camera portfolio with new series for use in diverse microscopy imaging applications