VSD Product Showcase - May 22nd, 2024
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May 22, 2024

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

Emerald Gen2™ 8.9M and 12M image sensors have a small 2.8µm global shutter pixel and deliver enhanced performance. Ideal for applications requiring sharp images at very high speeds such as machine vision, outdoor surveillance, and traffic detection and monitoring cameras.

Bumblebee® X offers a comprehensive, compact, and real-time GigE powered stereo imaging solution.  Delivering high accuracy and low-latency, Bumblebee X is ideal for autonomous mobile robots, automated guided vehicles, robotic guidance, pick and place, bin picking and palletization.

Xcellent, Xact, XCS: With its new 3D sensor from the XCS series, AT is launching a product onto the market that is a real game changer, especially for high-performance applications in the electronics industry. The benefits: An optimized laser and its very small field of view of up to 2.08 in (53 mm) as well as its enormous profile speed and its dual-head option to avoid occlusions.