VSD Product Showcase - Jun 5th, 2024
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June 5, 2024

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

Hidden Strobe™ by Smart Vision Lights revolutionizes overdrive technology by minimizing or even eliminating the strobing effect. This advancement simplifies vision system setups, even in environments where workers are present. With Hidden Strobe™, you can eliminate the need for shields, use visible light, and still achieve the overdrive intensity required for high-speed applications.

The 2k line scan VL-2K7NG and 4k line scan VL-4K3.5NG are available in monochrome and color with up to 170 kHz line rate (at 2k). With 5GigE (NBASE-T) interface compatible with 2.5GigE and 1GigE, these cameras prove highly versatile. The small form factor of 50 mm x 50 mm—compatible with M42 and C-mount lenses—allows for easy installation in diverse applications.

Zebra’s 3S Series delivers best-in class 3D scanning to address a broad range of machine vision automation applications, featuring the ability to scan areas with sub-millimeter resolution and accuracy for both static scenes and items in motion.