VSD Product Showcase - Jun 12th, 2024
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June 12, 2024

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

The C16741-40U camera, with 71.53 frames/s and 1280 x 1024 pixels, brings new levels of speed and sensitivity in the VIS – NIR region (400 nm to 1700 nm) for faster, more accurate image capture. The camera is also designed for low noise and high stability with cooling and is ideal for a range of applications, including internal inspection of silicon wafers and laser beam alignment.

Tamron's M117 ultra-high-performance machine vision lenses, ranging from 6mm to 50mm for Ø29mm 1/1.7” imagers, provide exceptional optical quality, especially in contrast and resolution. They offer outstanding optical transmittance, ensuring sharp and clear images, even at close range. These lenses are fully compatible with both 5.86µm pixel-pitch 1/1.2” and 3.45µm pixel-pitch 2/3” imagers.

Designed with new and powerful development tools, Sherlock 8 supports a wide variety of area scan, line scan and infrared cameras to expand applications beyond traditional image inspection. With added support for AI model inference and 3D measurements, Sherlock 8 provides the capabilities to build more comprehensive inspection applications.

Master Bond EP114 is a low outgassing, nanosilica filled epoxy adhesive with enhanced dimensional stability and low shrinkage upon curing. Its Tg exceeds 200°C and the service temperature range is from -100°F to +550°F. It has low viscosity along with a very long open time of 2-4 days. EP114 is best suited for underfill, coating, impregnating and porosity sealing applications.